We invite you to join a retreat with the Padmasejati Institute for Inner Study, an international organization for spiritual advancement.
The Founder of Reiki TUMMO, Open Heart Meditation, and Secrets of Natural Walking will be teaching True Self Retreat & Master Yoga 1-5 for the first time in the west coast. This is a special treat not to be missed!
In addition, he will be teaching Secrets of Abundant Wealth & Happiness and Introduction to Relationships with an Open Heart. These two workshops are very beautiful and quite potent. After all, the last time we held an Intro to Relationships with an Open Heart a new couple formed from the workshop and ended up getting married!
(You know who you are 😉 ) 
Join us in August for a truly blissful three weeks.




We will only accept 60 new participants. Admission is on a first come first serve basis for those who have fulfilled all prerequisites and that all registration forms have been filled in completely and properly.

We will be pairing all NEW participants for your crossover regressions.

You will be served on a first-come first-serve basis, so please register as soon as possible in order to get confirmation of your crossover regression schedule.

You cannot book your flight to LA until we have confirmed your crossover regression schedule with you.




For your convenience we have listed the prerequisites for all new participants for TSR below. Please read all the requirements very carefully before submitting your registration.

  • Have attended at a minimum the Secrets of Natural Walking Workshop - Level 1 and have practiced min 25 days (1 hour/day) in the past month prior to TSR August 2018 (This is a NEW PREREQUISITE FOR TSR)
  • Will attend Aug 2018 MRT++
  • Will attend Aug 2018 Preparation to TSR
  • Have attended Inner Heart workshop at least 3x, and the last one within one year prior to Aug 2018 TSR (Inner Heart from the Open Heart 6 workshop is counted)
  • Have attended Spiritual Retreat at least 3x, and the last one within one year prior to Aug 2018 TSR
  • Have attended MRT workshop at least 2x
  • Have completed the regression requirement or have made plans with enough time frame to complete all TSR regression requirements before Preparation to TSR begins. Those who need to complete the last 2 sessions (15th & 16th) & cross regressions, must contact Lingga to make an appointment
  • If you have completed your regression requirements more than 6 months before TSR in LA begins, you are required to do at least 1 more regression session minimum within 6 months of TSR for the best results
  • Have read the book titled "The Real You - Beyond Forms & Lives" written by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc.
  • After reaching soul consciousness, you are required to make at least 2 visits to orphanages, nursing homes, communities in need and spend at least 1 hour to share the Love, chat, give hand to hand donations etc. 
  • Have done the Reflection for TSR and MYI-5 at least 1 week before Prep to TSR begins (we will send this to you later)
  • Have adhered to the additional guidelines (we will send these to you later)



Hotel Fullerton 1500 N. Raymond Ave. Fullerton, CA 92831


We are happy to offer a 15% discount on workshop fees for those who register as NEW participants for ALL of the following workshops:

• MRT++
• Preparation for True Self Retreat
• True Self Retreat
• Master Yoga 1-5
• Secrets of Abundant Wealth & Happiness
• Intro to Relationships with an Open Heart

You must register for ALL the above workshops to receive the Package Discount.

This discount cannot be combined with other discounts.


SONW REQUIREMENT to attend TSR (1st time participant)

Have attended min 1x SONW Level 1 and have practiced min 25 days (1 hour/day) in the past month prior to TSR August 2018

Next SONW Level 1 Workshop Information:
Instructor: TBA
Date: TBA
Location: Los Angeles
Contact: minaspark@gmail.com



Below is the link to buy "The Real You - Beyond Forms & Lives" from Amazon




  1. DO NOT make airline travel arrangements until we have scheduled a time for your final regressions with Lingga.
  2. Make hotel room reservation now (see Accommodation page).
  3. Submit Initial Registration Online here: REGISTER